Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Summer Girl’ from HAIM Is A Tribute To Their Summer And Yours

Tune in to the sound of summers past in this nostalgic yet upbeat tune from LA-based sister group, HAIM.

It’s official: summer is over and the warm days will soon be waning with your tan lines, the hype is settled, reality has struck and it’s about time to return to the natural flow of things. Sad face. There is good news, though! Life goes on, and this tune from three-part, LA-based sister group, HAIM, will make you glad to have survived and thrived another hot girl summer. The healthily nostalgic, epically laid-back single, “Summer Girl”, dropped earlier this summer following their sophomore EP, Something To Tell You, released mid 2017.

You probably know HAIM from their 2013 breakthrough album, Days Are Gone, including standout songs like “Falling” and “The Wire”, the sturdy follow-up, Something To Tell You, as well as many festival appearances and media features where their unique, individual personalities unite into one cohesive blood-bound unit. Intrinsically, though, one thing this timeless girl band does extraordinarily well is capture sentiments or emotions that are so familiar it may feel as though they are scoring your own life with a specially-made soundtrack, with specific detail for all of those moments not photographed but kept safely highlighted with a kick drum and guitar riff that’ll make you sigh one last time. Yeah, “Summer Girl” is like that. Let the bittersweet memories flow, sit back and listen to your summer memories hit you with a golden hue. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. :’)


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