Tuesday’s Tunes: Sinead Harnett’s “Body” Is Hot

The track is an attractive testament to indulging your ubiquitous booty call.

British R&B babe Sinead Harnett is back with “Body”, a buttery smooth bite of neosoul sustenance which embraces the ubiquitous booty call. The track comes after a noteworthy debut EP called Chapter One last year, and continues the badass R&B throwback vibe that Harnett has harnessed with every release.

The sultry song starts out with a willowy, almost gospel-inspired harmonic synth arrangement and lifts to an angelically epic classic neosoul hook which you will undoubtedly find yourself humming at unexpected times. The bold and honest message of the song fits the rich and anthemic feel to the tune. “I’ll give you my body”, being the main theme of the song, Harnett is addressing that familiar feeling of longing and subsequent indulgence, perhaps against the rulings of your friends or even your own better judgement.

It seems as though Sinead Harnett is on a bold track towards a soulful sophomore album which we will await with baited breath. Until then, catch her flawless live performance of this saucy little number on the infamously chill COLORS Berlin:


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