Tuesday’s Tunes: Sampa the Great’s ‘Energy’ is Magnetic

Grab a listen to this Zambian musician’s straight up female energy.

Photo by Honey Long and Prue Stent

Oh hey, Sampa. Gather ’round – this epic Zambian musician is harnessing female energy x1,000. Her beguiling and atmospheric sophomore EP, Birds and the BEE9, re-instilled general awe to the Sampa queendom and this latest installment is equally tasty.

The balance between Erykah Badu ethereal vibes and world music inspiration stemming from her Zambian heritage combine to make a fiery and intuitive yet calming collective sound. “Energy” is about the radical magnetism and power of nurturing female energy. Peep this epic music video with Afro-centric vibes for days and days.

Put it on repeat, already!



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