Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Résumé’ By Moli Will Give You Strong Throwback Vibes

This 19-year-old Anglo-Belgian electropop diva’s blasé attitude is everything.

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium with roots in the UK and now based in Berlin, Moli is a 19-year-old retro pop R&B diva reborn. Her latest collection of songs, fittingly titled Résumé, features some impressively unadulterated vibrancy and an apparent tact for edgy yet genuine songwriting. Beyond a blooming repertoire of well-vocalized and deftly-crafted pop songs, there is a distinct color and personality to her music which echoes the likes of Destiny’s Child, TLC or even the Spice Girls.

Résumé begins on an upbeat note with “Didn’t Mean To”, a genuine take on the ubiquitous breakup speech. The melodic and laid back energy of this song sets the tone for the EP as a whole. A mellow addition, “The Point In Loving You” plays with the traditional organic R&B sensibility, mixing in a more modern electronic breakdown.

This perfectly sets up the focal point of the album “Comfortable”, a poignant expression of romantic codependency injected with a strong desire for excitement and independence. Watch the song performed to perfection for Majestic Sessions.

As a whole, the album is a resounding declaration of the character of Moli and her strong musical direction. Catch homegirl live at Prachtwerk Berlin on September 7th!


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