Tuesday’s Tunes: RAY BLK is Living Her Best Life 4 All of Us

Let “Doing Me” be your daily dose of sunshine.

Nigerian born, London-raised-and-currently-based R&B goddess RAY BLK has delivered an epic ray of happiness with the eternally sunny single, “Doing Me”. The track released this June really hits the spot in your soul that’s still craving warm weather, orange popsicles and barefoot bike rides as we settle into these unbearable (though admittedly cozy) chilly fall vibes.

The slightly pop flared hip-hop happiness medley is a bit of departure from her previous, more straight edge R&B aesthetic. As evidenced by this bold and brassy single, RAY BLK, also known as Rita Ekwere, has always stayed true to her own artistic voice. She told Billboard in an interview several months ago that, in her humble opinion, “it’s about being yourself no matter what and not caring about judgment. People are going to judge you whether you do bad or good, so you have to do you, regardless.” Truer words have never been spoken. And her badass approach to her music has proved wildly successful thus far; Rita won the BBC Sound of 2017 poll in January, an honor bestowed upon epic peers such as Adele, Haim, and Sam Smith.

Here she is, killing it for a COLORS Berlin show. Stay tuned for more from this badass baller chick.


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