Tuesday’s Tunes: Ravyn Lenae’s “Crush EP” Will Feed Your Soul

The album is a serene yet stirring breath of fresh air, harnessing ethereal 90s R&B vibes left and right.

Photo via Jingyu Lin

Nineteen-year-old future soul savant Ravyn Lenae, from Chicago’s South Side has brought the goods with her latest Crush EP, which bursts with feminine R&B energy and boasts creative stylings from fellow nineteen-year-old Grammy-nominated producer Steve Lacy. The resulting collaboration is as sinfully smooth as an album can be.

This bangin’ five-piece EP comes after an impeccably successful Moon Shoes EP in 2016, where Lenae truly laid out who she is as a musician, and we saw the full scope of her strengths vocally as well as artistically. With this new EP, she has expanded her repertoire even further and proven just how far her versatility can truly take her. The tasty first track off the album, “Sticky”, is a punchy entrance into a dynamic collection of voluptuous R&B energy which is somehow simultaneously incredibly deep and light as a feather. Stylistically she could be compared to legendary predecessors such as Erykah Badu, Ms. Lauryn Hill or India.Arie, but the vibe she brings to the table is decisively her own.

Speaking of smart musicianship, Lenae also chooses her collaborators wisely; Cali producer Steve Lacy is known for his radical production style and has had his hands on the likes of Kendrick Lamar, The Internet, Tyler the Creator and most recently is said to be jamming with Solange. The chemistry between the two is palpable; not only is the album an intriguing creation from start to finish, Lacy also has a featured credit on the last song where they have a repartee over catchy Michael Jackson-esque styling. All in all, it’s safe to say Ravyn Lenae crushed it with her Crush EP. Ravyn Lenae is on the scene and we are well aware.


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