Tuesday’s Tunes: Raveena Is Back with ‘Headaches’

Hear the most healing feels from New York-based butterfly, Raveena – the accompanying music video may give you chills. Seriously.

Did you know sexual healing is for real? Settle yourself down and take a good listen to the latest release from soothingly sensual R&B artist Raveena: “Headaches” is a deeply satisfying concoction of her long-standing silvery shimmery diamond feels – with the shudderingly smooth delivery to calm your harrowed spirit. Yes, Raveena represents a refreshing and soft perspective in the neosoul scene, with a unique ability to harness the rare quintessence of fairy-femme persona, with the strength and realness of her honest truth. The result is something authentically hers – an iridescent, glowy Garden of Eden belonging to any era.

Catch the music video for “Headaches”, portraying a journey through love, lust and transcendence.

Raveena has been shining on her own vibe for a while now, known to a wider audience since her viral performance for COLORS Berlin and propelled onwards with goods to back her effervescent in-person presence. Lucid, her debut album released last year to general acclaim takes the cake as far as ethereal R&B grooves. “Headaches” furthers this fantastical flow, as does the music video: from her 70s-inspired flower-child-modernized style, to the sense-y psychedelic set-up with sincere spark of the ooey-gooey new love stuff. Watch and feel the glow.

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