Tuesday’s Tunes: Rainy Day Feels and Train Ride Nostalgia

Because everyone knows rainy train rides are the best kind of train rides.

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Clichés aside, there’s something innately inspiring and intriguing about long train rides. Maybe it’s the tradition of riding trains; the mental image of hundreds of years of passengers, men wearing hats and women wearing dresses with buttons, ink-stained hands clutching newspapers and hard-cased luggage while avoiding awkward eye contact. Maybe it’s that feeling of being suspended in a safe bubble, traveling through time and space, that allows your mind to wander freely as you look out upon miles and miles of land which you will probably never set foot upon in your lifetime. Or maybe it’s my American-ness which finds something charming and nostalgic about trains, since the closest thing I’ve experienced to one is the 4 train Subway in NYC towards the Bronx (pictured below).


In any case, here’s a special playlist, crafted over the duration of a particularly rainy and inspiring train ride through the German countryside which encapsulates all of these feels and more. The first track is a recent single from the dynamic duo Sylvan Esso, who wowed us two summers ago with their bombastic single Coffee. This song is the first musical tidbit we’ve received from them since their 2014 self-titled album “Sylvan Esso.” Track two is a smooth and twinkling cover of the xx’s “VCR” by Kid Lizard and Eliza Roe. Their rendition of the song brings out the sweetness and depth of the song, a catchy and digestible melody backed by an attention-grabbing rhythm. Next in line, a badass track from Melvv & MOONZz. “Goodbye” is a strong statement of departure blared through a heavy and decisive bassline, declared in unabashed dopeness. The rest, I’ll let you hear for yourself.


Happy listening!

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