Tuesday’s Tunes: Put on ‘JUICE’ from Blondage to Embrace the Feels

‘JUICE’ from Danish electropop duo Blondage will awaken the feels you didn’t even know you had. Tune in here!!

Denmark | electropop | female

Feel free to tune in to the latest from Blondage: a “juicy” slow jam to embrace all of your damn deepest feelings. You may or may not know this Danish electropop artist from their electrifying entrance onto the scene with the catchy AF “Dive” – back when they were still called the Rangleklods – their unique aesthetic or unmatched steeze. In all of their music, they have a unique way of diving into a mood or emotion and luxuriating in the fullness of that moment, without restraint. Though a bit of a departure from more visceral grooves like “Dive”, “Stoned”, or any of the tracks off the tasty self-titled debut EP, “Blondage”, “JUICE” is a continuation of this formidable landscape, tugging on your heartstrings in a whole new kind of way. The song is a nostalgic, 90s-reminiscent iconic look at a relationship where you’re just not getting what you need in terms of love and affection.

To accompany the release, beyond calling it her most personal song, naming the many tears shed while writing it, vocalist and writer Pernille Smith-Sivertsen said: “My baby JUICE is out! It’s about taking the sour with the sweet in love????????????????????????It’s such an important song to me” and relatable at that. So be ready to dive into the feels and catch the visual accompaniment below, which captures the “it is what it is” kind of vibe that flows on throughout the track.

Her six-track EP titled “I Love Music” is due out in February 2020. Be sure to keep your eyes, ears and possible tears out for this one!


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