Tuesday’s Tunes: Put ‘Hallelujah’ from HAIM on High Volume, RN

Vibes from glorious LA-based sister band: HAIM.

Hallelujah | song

Pop on a pair of headphones and forego your grip on gravity with the latest release from LA-based band, HAIM! Consisting of sisters Danielle, Alana and Este Haim, an eternally OP combination of talent continued in a nostalgic feathered-hair-reminiscent three-piece EP fittingly titled, “Hallelujah”. Each track belongs itself to a worldly and divine landscape, effortlessly attuned to a transcendent moment suspended stretched out over time and fleeting if not voiced by the coolly provocative point of view of HAIM themselves.

The goosebump-heavy titular track, “Hallelujah”, sets the scene with a natural high in the form of heavenly harmonies, crisp lyrics, sturdy lived-in character and the kiss of classic Americana. The following track, “Now I’m In It”, sits effortlessly poised in paradise before “Summer Girl” – pre-released sexy song from last season closes it out.

Let your worries fade away and tune in to these timeless gems forever.

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