Tuesday’s Tunes: Princess Nokia’s ‘Metallic Butterfly’ Re-Up

The re-issue of this NYC baddie’s debut album will still make you feel things.

Grab your headphones and listen to Princess Nokia‘s reissue of her trippy debut album, Metallic Butterfly, which will bring you all the feels of the original with three new gems to add to the reverie. This badass New York City queen has been on the scene doing her thing for enough time now to have all the cred she needs – this re-release is just a friendly reminder that her throne is earned AF.

In case you missed it the first time around, the album as a whole feels like a spiritual yet futuristic love letter to herself and her heritage as much as to celestial bodies and Mother Earth. In there are the gems we know and love like “Seraphims”, “Young Girls”, and “Dragons” as well as the extras: “Anomaly”, “Earth Is My Playground” and “Versace Hottie”. Metallic Butterfly is the perfect Umami to motivate you in your own creative endeavors or just killin’ it on a daily basis.

On the day of the original debut, she posted this letter as context to the journey behind the album and she reposted it on the anniversary five years later this past summer as well.

Feel free to use these gratefulness / graceful flossing tactics in your own life, guys. Catch her live later this year in the US as well.


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