Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Pretty Dreamer / Petty Lover’ from Jaz Karis

Let the buttery smooth pair of singles send off your dreamy summer vibes.

Jaz Karis is on the scene with two perfectly curated singles to smoothly send off the bittersweet summer of 2018. Her debut album last year, The Wilderness EP, turned heads with songs like “Sugar Don’t Be Sweet” and “You Do” which call upon a classic R&B sensibility similar to influences such as Erykah Badu, India.Arie or Alicia Keys. The latest release, Pretty Dreamer / Petty Lover is similarly moving and warmer than ever.

“Pretty Dreamer” comes first with a seamless entrance into Jaz Karis’ warmly wistful world. The song chimes with sincere nostalgia, both in subject matter and stylistically from 90s/00s R&B influences. ‘Petty Lover’ picks up the pace with a relatable and entrancing look into a past relationship. The subtle intrigue is propelled by a catchy melody, cutting lyrics, an insistent beat and eternally OP vocal quality.

Catch more of her realness in this emotional set on Spotify Live at the Dairy and an equally badass COLORS Berlin show.



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