Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Pick A Color’ from Leikeli47 Is a Big Mood

Her latest release is about celebrating black womanhood and overall badassery.

Photo by Nikko La Mere

This five-foot-three (160cm) goddess just released a mini EP titled Pick A Color that will knock your socks right off. After her sophomore album Wash & Set dropped heartily last year, after which she released several characteristically feisty singles that delivered appropriate doses of the Leikeli47 fire. Pick A Color picks up from there, continuing her empowering train of thought regarding black womanhood and all-around unapologetic badassery.

The collection celebrates Leikeli47’s signature penchant for asserting femininity with her own signature steeze, no permission necessary, no fucks given. These three singles reflect the animated attitude of an unapologetic black girl, while the artwork for the EP echoes this sentiment through the powerful words of Malcom X: “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”

Pick A Color will be followed by another mini collection called Design, before her album Acrylic drops later this month. The theme is a walk through a nail salon – black culture revealed in unadulterated awesomeness and everyone is invited. Leikeli47 herself says of the album: “Acrylic is an invite into my world. Come walk our streets. Come tour our campuses… It’s ghetto, it’s righteous, and it’s fun; and I’m talking my shit.”

Eyes and ears out for more from this gem.


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