Tuesday’s Tunes: “Perdida” by Biig Piig Is The Chillest

Calm your spirit with the latest from this 20-year-old Londoner’s simplistic R&B reverie.

20-year-old Jess Smyth, more commonly known as Biig Piig, just released a calm and cultivated groove called “Perdida”, and it’s just the vibe you’re looking for. Keeping with her signature simplicity from past singles, the track feels like a gently rusted indie/R&B relic that could lull you to sleep or make you long for something more thrilling.

The seductive, somewhat ethereal atmosphere of “Perdida” comes in the form of carefully illuminated melodies with a classic hip hop beat anchor, tasty lyrics and of course, the irresistible charm of Smyth’s light-as-a-feather yet deeply stirring jazz vocal. Highlights from last year like “Vice City”, “24K” and “Crush’n” deliver the same gentle R&B vibe without drifting into the derivative. Check out her badass performance for Berlin COLORS, too:

Homegirl has the vibes. There’s more to come: the first in a trilogy of EPs, Big Fan of the Sesh, will be released soon enough. Keep your ears on this one!


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