Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Over It’ From Blondage Will Make You Feel Lighter

The latest smashing single from Copenhagen-based artist, Blondage, is an ode to saying ‘fuck it’ far more often.

Yesss, Copenhagen-based artist, Blondage, is back with yet another tune that will blow your mind and have you ready to celebrate your independence in no time. The track in question, aptly titled, “Over It” dropped last month and reverberated through skulls across Europe and beyond, sharing the imperative message to relax your soul and say “fuck it” more often. The sentiment applies within the context of relationships, everyday nonsense, when feeling the pressures of society and what not – and on that night out where the vibe is off and then you’re pretty much over it. It’s the edgier alternative to “thank u, next” for a multiplicity of occasions.

In an interview last month, frontwoman, lead singer, songwriter and all-around creative badass Pernille Smith-Sivertsen said:

The story behind ‘Over It’ is that me and Esben [Andersen] had been to a record label pool party the night before and the experience was still in my body the next morning, so I ended up writing a song about it. It was such a strange atmosphere at this party in a mansion in the Hills, where everyone was networking and buzzing around the important people like bees around honey jars. The song ended up being about how a lot of people struggle to find a place in the social hierarchy of competitive environments (like at a label party or on social media, etc.) — and especially for women, there are so many expectations of how you should look and behave in order to claim a high social status.

It’s a healthy adieu from Pernille Smith-Sivertsen to these sorts of situations, and the music behind the message is the kind that will get you pumped to do the things you might actually enjoy doing. Watch the accompanying music video below, directed and edited by Smith-Sivertsen herself – it’s a heavy-handed, hedonistic approach to makeup for surviving the everyday BS.


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