Tuesday’s Tunes: NOVAA’s “Stolen Peaches” is an Exercise in Creative Adventure

Her laptop with all her work was stolen, and she STILL made an album that goes beyond our wildest imaginations.


Nineteen year old electronic goddess NOVAA has finally graced us all with her sophomore album Stolen Peaches and it is beyond the wildest reaches of our imaginations. Capitalizing off of the beauty and bite of pre-released singles that we already know and love such as “Rose,” “Sex,” and “Skinny Dipping,” the nine-piece album collapses into a creative fullness that is every bit as adventurous as it sounds.

The simple and enchanting “Rose” is the opener and one of the most palatable and melodic tracks on the album. NOVAA submerges the listener into the world she has invented through the whims of her wandering mind, thanks to intense and explorative craftsmanship evident in every one of her self-produced tracks. She bravely sets forth unexpected twists and turns to bring her courageous ideas to fruition, rejecting the traditional constructs of song structure and melody to create something undeniably real and irrevocably hers.


The work as a whole is wildly dynamic; you can clearly read the distinct character of each song that miraculously constructs itself into a cohesive consciousness. The original concept behind Peaches, before her editing laptop was stolen in her car, was to have each song represent a distinct personality collected together as a family of works. In the wake of these unfortunate events, she persevered through the blow of the loss and adapted the songs into what they are now.

When asked what she would like to say to the person who stole her laptop her surprising answer was, “thank you.” She saw the experience as a transformative one and a necessary challenge to her creative process. “The whole ‘Stolen Peaches’ thing made me realize that nobody can take your ideas. It’s your head and your thoughts – mentally I got a lot stronger because of them. So yeah, my message would be thank you… and that I hope they at least got tons of money for my laptop.”

NOVAA has a remarkably strong vision for herself and her point of view as an artist, especially considering her age; she started writing music at the age of eleven and producing music at fifteen. Although she has every reason to be insanely proud of her accomplishments in music, she approaches her work with humility and wisdom that transcends age: “It’s very important for me to spread a message through my music. I try to make music for everyone and not for me. Of course I can only describe and say what I see and feel, but to me music and art in general should always be a prevention for value loss. I want my music to make people think and question everything.” The result is something very cerebral and other-worldly, yet overwhelmingly human. A work of art that lives and breathes and tells its own story.


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