Tuesday’s Tunes: Novaa’s ‘HMLTM’ Is Good Vibes

This latest tasty tune from Novaa is a hey, hello, hit me up later that speaks to your sultry side.

This effervescent German indie electrosoul goddess is back to enchant you with another tune that’s directed towards the playful part of love and life. Her journey as an artist has been unfolding beautifully; from a substantial catalog of juicy collaborations, perhaps most notably with Moglii for an eclectic six-part EP, Down Under, to her own more recent trail of self-produced singles, Novaa is one to watch.

Her latest release, “HMLTM” matches her pace with an effortlessly uplifting energy. Novaa’s uniquely calming vocal floats in crisp coolness over the buoyant melody and is punctuated by strong production throughout. As far as subject matter, the song is all about embracing life with open arms and letting yourself feel everything that comes. Via Facebook, she said: “Say hi to HMLTM, it’s a song about self-care and love, about being comfortable in your own body and with yourself, and it’s out today”.

Amen to that and keep your eyes and ears out for more from this talented German lovely!

Photo by Anna Tiessen

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