Tuesday’s Tunes: Novaa’s ‘Elon’ Will Give You The Chills

Southern-German indie electronic goddess, Novaa, has dropped a soul-stirring single about the infinite beauty of living in the here and now.

This just in, Novaa‘s Yin energy is the only thing that matters in this world. This understatedly effervescent artist released a single titled “Elon” on Friday, which delves into the oddly infinite feeling of the here and now. Starting the new year fresh after a 2019 full of dreamy treasures, from the already-iconic “AI Am In Love” to her calming “Drones” or any number of chill-inducing tunes from of her self-titled (official) debut album, NOVAA, Novaa is continuously creating her spacious landscape for intricate and glorious alt-pop music. In signature style, the latest single portrays an image of humanity that evokes an expansive yet beautifully fleeting worldview.

Deriving the theme for “Elon” from the futurism in technology like self-driving automobiles, she incorporates this fairly big leap in human innovation into the universe of the song within the context of epically ordinary, classic romance. Catch the accompanying music video to see effortlessly anthemic vibes played out in a soft and child-like way.


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