Tuesday’s Tunes: Novaa Slays with ‘Almond Eyes’

The sultry tune takes on the complicated topic of consent with a fiery flair.

This up-and-coming German indietronica queen, Novaa, takes it to the next level with every release, and the latest single is no exception. Her 2018 has been a flurry of fire little numbers that each add something special to our understanding of her aesthetic. “Club Paradise” and “Denim Queen” both display her simultaneously epic and understated world, as well as showcase her own crazy production skills.

The latest single we love is called “Almond Eyes”. Not only is it a damn good track, it also low key tackles the topic of consent in a masterfully melancholic way. The track comes from an upfront place of honesty and confrontation when it comes to sexuality. Do we want it or don’t we, according to others and ourselves, and are we making ourselves heard?

Keep your almond eyes out for more from this one.


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