Tuesday’s Tunes: NOVAA Is Probably Really Good At Sex

NOVAA answers the ever-pressing question, “Was it good for you?”

This Berlin-based blue-haired electronica goddess is every bit as badass as she appears. She backs up the edginess of her look with some fantastically dark and melodic tunes. While she herself is quite an enigma, the common theme in her music is the exciting and intangible energy she generates through dominating electronic bass, atmospheric synths, and a calm yet powerful vocal throughout.

Her new single, “Sex” is the honest expression of what she describes as a raw, vulnerable and overwhelmingly human experience. She paints sex in a way that isn’t rose-colored or porn-primped pretty, but desperate and clawing for contact and closeness.


“I want to wear my heart around my neck
So I can put it in your hand
There’s nothing I can feel
Still something I can give
I want to glue my hand to yours
So you can take me everywhere
There is no place I will be
But you can own my cage”

Match these powerful lyrics with some bombastic percussion and echoey background vocals and you’ve got yourself a very sexy song indeed. Hearing is believing, my friends:



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