Tuesday’s Tunes: Noname’s ‘Room 32’ Is A Catchy Tune For A Tuesday

Grab a listen to beloved Chicago rapper Noname’s latest tune, it’s a bop about everything and nothing with your name written all over it.

via @nonamehiding

Chicago rapper Fatimah Nyeema Warner, AKA Noname, is back with a hypnotic tune that sums up her signature vibe with an alluring look at the world through her perspective. After her deep-dive of a sophomore album, Room 25, dropped last year to well-earned admiration, she has followed up with “Song 31“, and now “Song 32”. Both of these stream-of-consciousness singles point to her dynamic range and pioneering vision as an artist.

As for “Song 32”, right from the start, the somewhat spy-mystery-dissonant melody is contrasted with the strong, soulful sound of church organs and is propelled by echoing percussion. In classic Noname form, her tack-sharp yet somehow also laid-back lyricism recalls both highly specific childlike nostalgia vibes as well as broad observations about society and human nature. If these two latest releases point to her direction for album three, we are certainly in for a multi-dimensional, genre-less, lo-fi Hip Hop treasure. Stay tuned!


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