Tuesday’s Tunes: Noname’s ‘Room 25’ is Medicine for the World

Put in some sweet sweet headphones and let this Chicago native’s album speak to your soul.

For those of you who haven’t woken up to the beauty that is Noname, this Chicago-born rap artist is slowly but surely healing the world with vulnerability. Noname, also known as Fatimah Warner, had plenty of cred in the rap community even before her debut album Telefone charmed hearts hardcore in 2016.

Noname’s influence in hip hop goes deep; Warner has been featured alongside rapper buddies such as Mick Jenkins, Chance the Rapper and Smino from the very beginning. Beyond that, Noname has claimed an extremely dedicated following of her own, distinguishing herself as an important voice in the black community but also for every human being with ears, a beating heart and a soft spot for authenticity.

Her latest album is called Room 25, and it is a continuation from her poignant 2016 debut which took on themes of family, gun violence, representations of beauty and self-love. Most importantly, Noname’s irresistible spirit echoes in every note. While the first album laid out a feeling of warm if slightly displaced harmony, the follow-up feels like an even deeper dive into her own subconscious.

From the very beginning, the gentle vibe feels decidedly hers, offered up through her signature use of poetic lyricism, lo-fi melodic beats, soulful vocals and her unendingly endearing openness. Catch repeat collabs with Ravyn Lenae, Smino and Saba. Listen to the album in full below and get ready for an avalanche of humanity and an overarching reminder to be kind to yourself and others.


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