Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘No Place for Patience, Vol. 3’ by Biig Piig Is The Vibe

Tune in to the latest output from London-based artist Biig Piig: an unstoppably flowy EP that will both lull you to sleep and wake you from your outdated outlook on life.

In a soothing whirlwind of lo-fi sentiments, jazz vocals and an impressionistic perspective on dreamy days, London-based artist Biig Piig has released her No Place For Patience, Vol. 3 EP, to widespread acclaim. Since she came on the scene with her short and sweet single, “Crush’n” on Spotify in 2017 and “Sex” via SoundCloud around the same time, this certified master of chill has put forth a consistent stream of atmospheric R&B revelations that reinforce her devilishly sexy artistic point of view. This latest installment is a similarly intoxicating collection of tunes that speak to both her essential Biig Piig groove, generous grasp over rhythmic flow and an ever-evolving perspective as a human.

In her own words: “‘No Place For Patience, Vol. 3’ feels like the most honest with myself I’ve been through the EPs; it’s more of a self reflective project. Facing hard truths and taking all the good and bad from them.” She continues, “It feels to me like a resolve, less self pity more of facing that side of myself that I resent so much and trying to make peace with it so I can say adios to the part that gets me into sticky situation and runs away with trouble and argues with love because of disagreements.” Despite the laid-back nature underpinning most of the EP, her maturity is noted in her decidedly more confrontative method of songwriting. “It’s like facing this phase and reflecting on events that have got me to this state and finally saying goodbye. Life is too short to fumble around being careless and wallow in the mistakes I fall into after. I’ve no place for patience in my heart anymore to be honest. We grown.”

A vantage point that is relatable AF, to say the least, and a refreshing statement to welcome in a new year, wrapped up in the warm trappings of Biig Piig’s soothing R&B paradise, no less. Put the EP on repeat, relax, let it all settle in and climb into 2020 like a new person.


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