Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Mulita’ by Leikeli47 is a Groove and a Half

Let this hard-hitting bassline pick you right TF up today.

Leikeli47 is back and “on the loose” with a single that will definitely get your heart rate going. The Brooklyn rapper turned heads early on with her signature look: a ski mask which shrouds her own identity and basically gives the middle finger to stereotypes placed on women, and particularly black women.

Her badass beats speak for themselves; she intuitively scoops them together by deconstructing and reconstructing her own acappella arrangements, leading to a futuristic yet organic feel that ignites a primal atmosphere. Furthermore, singles like “Attitude” and “Money” set her apart as her own rebellious entity, unafraid to make noise, take up space and piss people off in the process. But don’t take it from us – hearing is believing:

The tune was featured recently in the sassy HBO series Insecure, which is loosely based on Issa Rae’s web series Awkward Black Girl. The attitude of the song definitely fits the vibe, with colorful arrangements and that same unapologetic female energy. Leikeli47 has said of her music: “It’s the funnest thing ever, it’s like an escape. You hear that boom bap, and you just want more. It’s fun! Me just coming up with different creative noises. It’s fun, you know what I mean? I’m a kid. I’m never growing up, and I don’t care what anyone has to say.” Yeah, we feel you.


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