Tuesday’s Tunes: Moonchild’s ‘Get To Know It’ Is Magical AF

This atmospheric neosoul single will take you to a higher place.

electrosoul | Girls Are Awesome | Moonchild

electrosoul | Girls Are Awesome | Moonchild

Moonchild is back and it is as tasty as you’d expect. Since their smooth AF album, Voyager, dropped over a year ago, we’ve been waiting with baited breath for their next move. This latest release, fittingly titled “Get To Know It”, is a glorious example of their atmospheric neosoul/electrosoul sensibility – basically anything they touch turns into shimmering soul-infused gold.

The song powers up from a quiet yet powerful palette of concentrated cool; the production on the track is a crystal clear carriage of groovy energy. Of course the song is carried through this atmospheric yet insistent landscape by the beautiful vocals of homegirl Amber Navran, which will make you feel perfectly warm.

No news yet if this single alludes to a forthcoming album – keep your eyes and ears out, yasss.

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