Tuesday’s Tunes: of Montreal Spits Truth About the Nature of Girls

The track “It’s Different For Girls” addresses female issues not even discussed in non-mainstream music.

An upbeat and anthemic psychedelic pop tune “It’s Different For Girls”, from wonderfully strange Georgia based band of Montreal, encapsulates everything that needs to be said about the state of women in society in exactly four minutes time. Not to mention it is catchy like nothing else.

The album “Innocence Reaches” includes an interesting commentary on the male/female dichotomy and the communication between the two poles, which is quite intriguing, as the band itself was named after a failed romance between frontman Kevin Barnes and “a woman of Montreal”. Still, the brave album does not shy away from asking questions that have long been labelled taboo in our society, breaking down the social construction of gender and asking questions like: “how do you identify?” in the album’s opening song “let’s relate”. This 70s/80s mishmash is followed swiftly by “It’s Different For Girls” which speaks directly to the perception of girls versus reality. It is a refreshing and unpretentious visitation of a subject not often directly addressed, even in non-mainstream music today.

“They want to make a scene
They want to be adored
And then they want to be left alone
When they get bored
With that, it’s different for girls
They are mercurial creatures
Not a masculine dissonance
Or sexual currency”

of Montreal

While this doesn’t necessarily speak universally of the nature of every woman, it surely is very relatable. What’s more, they single handedly address both the “psycho bitch” stereotype and the history of teaching passivity to females from a young age:

“They are chaos and mystery
And they like to combine them
Sometimes they act crazy
But that doesn’t define them
It’s different for girls
They’re not expected to fight
They’re expected to sit
And take some lesser man’s shit”



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