Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Miss Shiney’ From Kaiit Will Make You Feel Things

The latest soul-stirring single from Kaiit talks about diamonds formed from pressure and the art of handling insecurity with grace.

Massively talented singer, songwriter and rapper, Kaiit, is back with an uplifting single to stir your feelings into a big warm feeling stew and encourage you sit and sip at a leisurely pace. Having dropped badass singles, “Natural Woman” and “2000 n Somethin” in 2017 as well as her fire debut EP late last year, Live From Her Room, her latest release, “Miss Shiney”, is an ode to following up on the groove in spite of self-imposed standards. IRL creative blockages notwithstanding, the song itself is a perfect testament to the adage (and geological fact) that diamonds are, indeed, formed from pressure.

Coming from a place of warmth and positivity, “Miss Shiney” is a soul-stirring and reflective tune that puts things lovingly into cool clarity. The message stems from her own experience with self-sabatoging creativity and declares solidarity with fellow overthinkers who will beat their head against a wall of criticism that only stymies growth. The golden-hued full-body-hug of a tune is matched by a cultured music video that shines a light on the perfect balance between solitude and solidarity with similarly sensitive souls. Dive right into this tune to switch your mind from a place of fear and lack to gratitude and self-love.


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