Tuesday’s Tunes: Marian Hill’s “Unusual” Lives Up To Their Usual Greatness

Take a dip into the weird and wonderful world of this Philadelphia born and bred pair once again.

Philadelphia duo Jeremy Lloyd & Samantha Gongol are back with a sophomore EP to maintain their rightful throne as high-ranking indietronica royalty once again. Unusual is the first official release after their massively successful debut EP, Act One, and a series of salient singles in the wake of this highly anticipated ten-piece album.

The collection as a whole feels very much like a Marion Hill album, without slipping into the derivative or opting for catchy or “syncable” over substantive. The first track, “Subtle Thing”, is as subtly salacious as their breakout hit, “Down”, with just the right amount of originality. Overall, the album strikes an impressive balance between good writing, sex appeal, musicianship, punchy production, lit vocals and signature Marian Hill flow.

Where tracks like “Differently” (cool-ass music video above) and “Don’t Miss You” add a healthy amount of dissonance and intrigue, the more bombastic and hip-hop/R&B inspired tracks like “All Night Long” and “Listening” provide a deeper look into the duo’s artistic versatility. There’s also an ordinate amount of the softness and vulnerable emotionality, in the form of songs like “Sideways” and “Go Quietly”, beautifully vocalized by Samantha Gongol.

In the end, what you’re left with is a strong and dynamic view into the already solid identity of this indietronica dream team. Keep your eyes out for their summer tour dates.


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