Tuesday’s Tunes: Marian Hill’s “Differently” Is An Empowering Cautionary Tale

Here’s a taste of what’s to come from their album that’s dropping very soon. Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be sexy AF.

Philadelphia-based electronic duo Marian Hill is back and sexy as ever with their second single release since their wildly successful debut album Act One boosted them to overwhelming acclaim in 2016. In particular, their jaunty and beguiling track “Down” became the most Shazam’d song after a string of effective ad placements last year. Their signature intrigue has left us all on the edge of our proverbial seats–although we’re def not sitting, we’re standing up and grooving to this fire track:

The new release is everything you want from a Marian Hill single: a simple and seductive electronic bassline, mysterious melodic changes, enchanting lyrics and an atmospheric yet edgy vocal courtesy of Samantha Gongol. At first, the message of the song seems to echo the sentiments of a lovesick ex resorting to nostalgia and ubiquitous regression realness. However, as it progresses, it becomes clear that whatever started in insecurity has turned into a highly effective cautionary tale for the next girl who stumbles into that troublesome relationship, and ends with a powerful “fuck you” to whichever dude both of these girls dated.

Their forthcoming album, Unusual, is expected for release later this Spring and is available for preorder on Apple Music. Stay tuned for more moody, melancholy indie electronic magic from these two.


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