Tuesday’s Tunes: Madame Gandhi’s “Voices” Makes Us Want to Use Ours Louder

Our fave boundary-pushing artist recommends we use ours to stop a certain orange wig-wearing misogynist from getting elected today.


The illustrious Madame Gandhi has finally dropped her deliciously rhythmic five-piece EP Voices, which clearly showcases the full span of the former globe-trotting drummer’s percussive skill and versatility of voice. The entire album feels like falling into a world that is written and ruled by period-loving, marathon-running music scholar and Harvard business grad Kiran Gandhi. In my book, this is a rad place to reside.

Voices‘ decisive heartbeat mobilizes through Kiran’s impeccable drumming, with impressive drum solos featured on tracks such as “Yellow Sea”, “Moon in the Sky”,  and “Her“, the focal point of the album. She declares her distinct voice through these percussive rhythms, both beaten and vocalized at certain points, as well as powerful lyricism recited with the honesty and assurance of a badass female pioneer. Although the album lacks technical perfection, the work as a whole is unabashedly hers, the unfiltered quality of the album only adding to its authenticity and truth.

The last track and anchor of the album, “The Future Is Female”, is particularly poignant and central to Kiran Gandhi’s message which demands equality for women and a transition towards a more tolerant, self-loving, and collaborative version of our world. The track features Merrill Garbus of the quirky drum-looping garage pop band tUnE-yArDs, and hammers out their demands through Gandhi’s signature meld of strong electronic basslines and organic drum rhythms. The song systematically dissects the main issues women face in the current cultural climate. She encourages women to stand up and use their voices while proving the importance of her own simply by using it to speak on the behalf of others and for the betterment of humanity.

This movement is particularly relevant on this historic day, when the USA will (please, God) elect our first female president. Kiran has been open in her support of Hillary Clinton, urging an end to the toxic masculinity mentioned in “The Future Is Female” and embodied by Clinton’s male counterpart, Mr. Donald Trump. Let’s all hope the women of the USA make themselves heard loud and clear today and choose the candidate who deserves to win.


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