Tuesday’s Tunes: Madame Gandhi Likes Women’s Rights, Spotify and Blood

The US-based musician is an anti-racist, pro-period prodigy you need to hear.


Kiran Gandhi (a.k.a. Madame Gandhi) is not only the former drummer to pop icon MIA but the embodiment of today’s positive change towards gender equality, both in the music industry and the world. She states her ironclad controversial and progressive socio-political beliefs in a refreshingly offbeat and creative voice through her music. Ultimately, she’s declaring an end to misogyny, corruptness and discrimination and the start of a revolution including equal rights, female empowerment and fairness around the globe.

Kiran Gandhi is a female phenomenon, accomplishing more badassery in her 26 years on planet Earth than most of us will hope to achieve in our entire lives. She graduated from the prestigious Georgetown University in 2011 with a double major in mathematics and political science and a minor in women’s studies, then attending Harvard for her Masters Degree in Business. She has toured the world as a professional drummer with MIA and Thievery Corporation and founded Washington DC’s first all-women drumming festival, “Rad Ladies That Drum”. She has also used her education in mathematics and business and her training in music to work as an analyst in the music industry, spending time as an advisor to Spotify to help innovate a balanced yet profitable system to support both listeners and creators alike.


Oh, and bonus: she ran the 2015 London Marathon while bleeding freely to raise awareness about the stigmatization of menstruation around the globe. As an avid feminist activist, Kiran has partnered and continues to partner with menstrual health organizations Binti Period and Thinx to help provide safe and affordable menstrual care to women around the world. She is currently working towards eliminating the “luxury tax” on tampons that still persists in several US states to this day. She follows her passion, “creating art that elevates and celebrates the female voice.” She has been known to speak out against sexist discrimination in the music industry and is vocal about the things that motivate her life decisions on a day to day basis.

Her solo project, Madame Gandhi, is an outlet for her to translate her creative and social ideas into music. Kiran’s work includes the haunting echo of spoken word poetry, electronic elements, and interesting percussive rhythms that produce a powerful commentary on the current state of affairs on an international and state level. Her recent single “Her,” which dropped last month, could be interpreted as a tribute to our (soon-to-be) first female president Hillary Clinton or a general comment on the female psyche.


Now that the demented circus of this year’s American election season is coming to an end, it’s all the more fitting to listen to Madame Gandhi’s message. Through her personal Facebook page she writes: “The Madame Gandhi Voices EP drops this Friday, intentionally 10 days before election as a reminder that each of us have a voice this fall. Tomorrow I will be on stage alongside Wale and Vic Mensa in Vegas performing for Global Citizen [Festival] to encourage voters in this battleground state to #showupvote!”

Basically, Kiran Gandhi rules—and is a contemporary example of how women can stand up and use intellect, creative passion, and individual voices to create positive change worldwide.


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