Tuesday’s Tunes: Lykke Li’s “two nights / sex money feelings die”

The sad sexy queen herself is back with two bomb singles that will satisfy your badass/emo side like only Lykke Li can.

Lykke Li is back at it again and let’s be real, her powerful reappearance is all you need to persevere through this week. Her latest releases come after four years of semi-silence following a deeply emotive and wildly successful 2014 EP I Never Learn.

These latest installations in the world of the Swedish born, LA-based emotional enchantress show a different side to Lykke Li as we know her. Teaming up with her long-time collaborator and baby daddy Jeff Bhasker, as well as famous mainstream R&B names such as Zayn producer Malay, Drake/Kendrick beatmaker T-minus and Frank Ocean, Lykke Li is dipping into her full-on pop soul potential.

The two tracks “two nights” and “sex money feelings die” encapsulate her ravenously passionate persona while also introducing the groovy movement of hip hop and trap influences. It’s hard to imagine the somber, sometimes morose sensibility of Lykke Li’s most remembered songs and for example, the supremely sunny Portland rapper Aminé, working harmoniously together. Yet the result is a collaboration which makes a cohesive product that is somehow equally true to both artists.

Keep your eyes out for her forthcoming EP, So sad, so sexy, June 8th.


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