Tuesday’s Tunes: Little Simz is a Boss

Her latest track is an unapologetic anthem for the baddest girls in the game.

Little Simz is back at the chopping block carving her legacy with her latest tune, “Boss”, which unquestionably declares her claim to the throne. This latest installment, along with the equally energizing single from this year “Offence”, is the first taste of her most recent musical direction. Needless to say we are hooked. Hearing is believing…

The irresistible drive of the song is delivered in the form of an intense bass hook and a killer first line about ten seconds in, shouted to gnarly perfection: “stop fucking with my heart!”. The lit contrast of grimy guitar riffs, ragged vocal quality and classic lyrical dopeness recalls the iconic vibes of Aerosmith versus Run DMC in the 80’s mashup, “Walk This Way”. Furthermore, the message of the song is hot AF and a bold anthem for bad girls everywhere. You just can’t beat it – give the girl her crown and stay tuned for more from this prophetic queen.


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