Tuesday’s Tunes: Lil Halima’s ‘for the dark days’ Will Speak To Your Dreamiest Self

This self-produced Norwegian artist has released an ethereally on-point EP that will make you see stars.

This just in, Norwegian up-and-comer Lil Halima has showed up once again to shower us all with her ethereal emotionality. Her latest release is a poignant if not somewhat restless mini EP, fittingly titled for the dark days. Not shying away from unconventionality or vulnerability in her soul-baring tunes, this nuanced project will surely recharge your dreamy spirit.

Lil Halima’s self-produced, written and vocalized works are a testament to her versatility musically and artistically. Her heartfelt debut EP last year, love songs for bad lovers, was perhaps the first step in exhibiting her readiness to bridge the gap between genres. Continuing this transcendent tradition, for the dark days is another eclectic confirmation of her willingness to say what she needs to say, exactly how she feels like saying it.

Melding influences from electrosoul to hip hop to neosoul, Lil Halima’s own brand of cool comes effortlessly through. The themes of closeness, separation, self-awareness and the cosmos are delivered in her crisp yet expansive production. Hearing is believing!


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