Tuesday’s Tunes: Kwamie Liv’s “Follow My Heart” Is Enchantingly Cool

Eternally smooth Danish-Zambian artist Kwamie Liv is back at it, this time with eclectic electropop energy. Peep the music video here.

Photo by Taj Francois

Danish-Zambian electrosoul artist Kwamie Liv returns with “Follow My Heart”, an energetic instillation of her unique creative capacity. The single came out this past Friday, along with a carefree visual to match and the announcement of an eagerly anticipated debut album, intriguingly titled Lovers That Come and Go.

The song begins with the resounding echo of retro electronic synths, propelled forward by a characteristically world-inspired rhythm and is reigned in and warmed up by Kwamie Liv’s ethereal, smooth vocals. From beginning to end it feels like a declaration of Liv’s own brand of freedom.

The accompanying self-directed music video is a natural look into a night in Kwamie Liv’s life. She says of the video: “I wanted to direct something that reflected that off-the-cuff raw energy. No big set up, just [my friends] and I walking around with a camera looking for that golden moment.” Furthermore the qualities she admires and celebrates in others is definitely reflected in her music: “They both embody this beautiful balance between fierce strength and vulnerability, something I really admire in people. I was basically like ‘we’re going for a walk, just do you.'”

Keeping with the free, open spirit of Liv’s music, the song does not fall neatly into any one category, though it seems somewhat pop adjacent with original infusions stemming from her eclectic background. Her debut album is dropping this Fall, and if it’s anything like her recent releases, it’s safe to say it’s about to be lit!


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