Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s “Ornament” Is A Future Soul Relic

It feels like something of the treasured past and the uncharted future at the same damn time. Peep the equally tasty music video here.

New York-based emotional enchantress Kiah Victoria whipped out yet another stunner this month, with her latest vibey track, titled “Ornament”. A resounding win from start to finish, the song encapsulates the delicate yet overpowering feeling of being at the mercy to our desire to be desired by someone else. The effect is a delightfully hair-raising glance into careful calamity.

Kiah Victoria has had a fire 2018 so far, starting with the deeply stirring single, “Remedy“, followed closely by the foreshadowing “Betsy Ross” and now, she delivers her singularly poignant future soul sensibility once more with “Ornament”. The track is yet another procurement of her creative capacity which contributes to a clearer understanding of her mission as an artist. Her work is a rich and compelling view of the human experience as told by Kiah Victoria.

The intensity behind this particular track draws from a place of soulful solemnity. Victoria herself says of the endeavor, “‘Ornament’ explores the missing pieces we might feel. Whether it’s just the love and care for others we give that’s left unnoticed, leading to a lack of validation to playing mind games to reclaim power. It’s tricky to navigate, but it’s very much like an ornament sitting there in the corner.”

Put “Ornament” on repeat for now and keep your eyes out for more ethereal R&B vibes from this soulful savant.


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