Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s ‘Memo’ EP Will Make You Feel Things

The New York-based future soul savant’s sophomore EP is a gently atmospheric ode to individuality.

New York native Kiah Victoria has been on the scene for a while now; her radiance has been on full display in 2018 through a number of unique and stirring singles. Her highly relevant sojourn through political, societal and personal critique with a decidedly future soul lodestar has brought forth impressive R&B gold time and time again. The latest EP, Memo, is further proof of her sometimes loud and boisterous, sometimes soft and understated creative vision.

The EP starts in a clatter of undoubtedly urban motion with the brief lo-fi introduction, “A Barreling Truck”, which sets the scene for a colloquial yet broad-minded musical direction. The first two tracks which follow are “Remedy” and “Betsy Ross” which dropped earlier this year and perfectly cement her sentiment of gentle solidarity and resolute forward movement. “Living and Giving” generously showcases her lyrical artistry in a well-enunciated yet atmospheric tribute to individuality and self-care.

The rest of the collection falls seamlessly in line, pushing the boundaries of genre with abstract lyrics and non-traditional production elements. “Out Here” and “Ornament” mirror each other in intensity and general sentiment; the overarching message being a determined declaration of “can’t hold me back, don’t even try”. The overall production and poetic form is similar to that of future soul pioneer, Solange, while her vocal quality is reminiscent of Beyonce; a lit combo indeed.

From start to finish, the collection echoes with soulful authenticity. Keep your eyes and ears open for more reflective realness from this queen.


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