Tuesday’s Tunes: Kiah Victoria’s “Betsy Ross” Is A Critique Of America

The song will make you wanna get down, but also get up and make the world a better place.

Kiah Victoria is at it again with yet another single that is as tasty and melodic as we’ve come to expect from this New York born, LA-based future soul phenomenon. Over the past several years, Kiah Victoria has left a trail of fire releases that prove she is as ambitious as she is versatile. This latest installment, “Betsy Ross”, goes beyond with an important message that will make you want to move just as much as the melody.

Aptly titled “Betsy Ross”, this soulful song lays out the dystopian aspects of American society while also serving as a tribute to the America that she wants to see played out in the real world. The track captures the signature Kiah sound: a strong and present melody paired with insistent rhythms, neosoul synths, plenty of layering and of course her singular talent, both vocally and lyrically. The energy of the track is extremely contagious, filling you with a sense of intrigue and capability while propelling you forward, eager for more shine from Kiah Victoria’s worldview.

The message of the song is reflected through all of these different aspects musically, combining to convey the ethos of her thoughts on a salient topic. This track is elevated and groovy AF, but it also carries the weight of a message that is increasingly important to share. Kiah Victoria said of the track: “I wrote this song to speak-up about the murdering of innocent black people and the apathy that accompanies horror,” she passionately continued, “‘Betsy Ross’ is about the hopelessness of America and the responsibility we have to fix it. Sometimes it feels like the only solution is to sail away to a far off land and start over. Unfortunately that is a thing of fantasy and we are obliged to sort out our own bullshit.”

Let’s all take it upon ourselves to make the world a brighter and more beautiful place to reside; one which will hopefully be filled with more music from Kiah Victoria very soon. Eyes and ears out for this one.


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