Tuesday’s Tunes: Jorja Smith Hits Home With “Lost & Found”

Fall into the calm and melancholic atmosphere of this 21-year-old Londoner’s soulful and soul-searching debut EP.

Never fear soul-searching nostalgia-addicts of the world; homegirl Jorja Smith is back on the scene. Belying the intense buildup behind this highly anticipated album, 21-year-old overnight-icon Jorja Smith dropped a deeply soothing debut EP, Lost & Found, which allows the listener fall into her calm and melancholic world of music.

Thus far, the young and talented Jorja Smith has received nothing short of (well-earned) veneration for her work on catchy collabs with the likes of Preditah and more recently, R&B behemoths Drake and Kendrick Lamar. It all started with the poignant and probing neosoul ballad “Blue Lights”, which shone a light on police brutality. This nugget of emotional gold landed her high on the charts of BBC’s Sound of 2017 poll as well as the Critic’s Choice at the Brit Awards.

The pressure surrounding this release must have been high, as too many overnight success stories have languished behind the mounting hype which can either boost a budding career or bury an underdeveloped artist. Jorja Smith came out strong with an album that was right in her lane and hits all of us right in the feels.

The album as a whole opens in sunny lamentations with titular track “Lost & Found”, a warm and inviting start to her twelve-part solidarity statement. Jorja Smith’s relatability soars through the roof with every beautifully vocalized, soulful song. The unifying factors in each track are her flawless vocals, themes about finding yourself and yearning for independence, simple yet compelling rhythms and an appropriately addicting dosage of her very own brand of neosoul melancholy. Overall, consider this a resounding win for Jorja Smith.


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