Tuesday’s Tunes: JADA’s ‘I Cry A Lot’ Is A Big Mood

Up-and-coming Danish neosoul artist, JADA, slayed with her smooth AF debut album and it is every second of pure magic.

Catch a vibe with the latest release from Danish up-and-comer, JADA, as she delivers the butter smooth vocals and sensitive sexy girl vibes to cure whatever ails you, this week and forever. Coming from just a few short, sweet single releases and live performances from 2018 into 2019, JADA’s debut album, I Cry A Lot, strikes an alarmingly good balance between hard and soft, cold and warm, all the while falling effortlessly into the neosoul groove. Overall, the album is an outright R&B gem; from start to finish, JADA’s voice as a powerful writer and vocalist resonates thoroughly in every note.

From the very first track, “Clean Love Prelude”, opens the stage for the next track, “Clean Love”, but also the entire album. The melancholic notes sound like they’re coming to you submerged in water from far away but echo crystal clear, as they transition seamlessly into the warm embrace of the album as a whole. It’s shockingly easy to get swept away by momentum of genuine emotion from JADA’s experience of love and life from track to track. The quintessential lovesick anthem, “Clean Love” is swiftly followed by the epically rich vocals in “Sure” and “Keep Cool”.

Each track is simultaneously solidified and eluded by its successors; every song is uniquely positioned to further the story of faded romance in perfect lust and longing. The album includes pre-released singles like “Keep Cool”, “Sure” and “Lonely”, as well as new marvels like “H2O”, “Tonight” and “Not Alone”. Allow this heartfelt album to take you on a journey – every second of the album is pure emotion, delivered with richness of presence and unstoppable passion. All in all, JADA’s version of expression is mad addicting, as she exquisitely vocalizes every feeling you’ve had but didn’t have the courage or lung capacity to express.

Feel free to put on some headphones and dive headfirst into this voluptuous paradise. And after you re-surface from a puddle of your own tears, keep your eyes and ears out for more from this wildly talented homegirl.


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