Tuesday’s Tunes: Iris Gold’s “The Interlude EP” Is A Mood

Sexy vocals + tasty melodies + dynamic production = actual gold

Iris Gold’s latest exclusive Soundcloud release, The Interlude EP, serves up a deliciously rich story in just five tasty tracks. The album follows last year’s notable single “All I Really Know“, which was a win on its own, and continues to artfully paint a more nuanced picture of who Iris Gold is as an artist. Aside from her equally radiant yet somewhat snappier singles, this interlude takes time to feel out the corners of each song and garner mood rather than impact.

The EP delivers no shortage of impact, however; the very first track is a rapture of dynamic melodies, boldly vocalized colorful language and world music-inspired rhythms. The track is accompanied by a perfect visual representation of the steamy song, which Gold says was “heavily inspired by the scene where Eddie Murphy meets Imani Izzi in the movie ‘Coming to America’ in the marriage ceremony.” Both the song and the music video are bursting with copious amounts of future-soul vibes, with an edge that provokes a strong connection with what’s being said.

The EP is then calmed by the following two tracks, “Lunar” and “Narnia”, which are as unique as they sound. “Lunar” is an ethereal infusion which draws from Gold’s signature expressive language to garner her creative atmosphere. This transitions nicely into the cool, almost Solange-esque soul energy of the song “Narnia”, delivering sexy R&B feels for days. The last two tracks “CannonBall” and “Revolution Riders”, while consistent with her rebellious intonation, feel like a dip into a more uplifting yet equally mobilizing indie-pop sensibility. Hear the entire EP for yourself and look out for her upcoming tour dates around the UK and Denmark this Spring/Summer.


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