Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Hold Me’ by Lil Halima Will Make You Feel Things

This Norwegian triple-threat (singing, writing, producing) is paving her own path with a fresh genre-defying palette.

Photo by Sara Saeidi

Welcome to the silvery, shiny world of Lil Halima; the most recent instillation is a fresh and ethereal number called “Hold Me”, which channels all the authenticity of lost love and longing. In case you missed it, this feisty Norwegian up-and-comer dropped a debut EP this past autumn which delivered the crisp atmosphere of Nordic influences, infused with the soulful undertones of a warmed-up winter.

Her latest single follows up on this vibe; “Hold Me” delivers the same sentimentality with a shivery coolness that’ll make you feel things. The release is part of Lil Halima’s forthcoming 3-track EP, for the dark days, due out this February 22nd. It’s gonna be lit! In the meantime, dive on into the raw realness of this self-produced gem and reflect on your deepest emotions, good bad and ugly.


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