Tuesday’s Tunes: Helicopters, Hospitals and Haiyti Will Get You Through the Holidays in “Halleluja”

Sick of stressing about Christmas gifts and awkward office parties? Watch the German rapper chill hard in a hospital and dance around in a fur coat in front of a helicopter instead.

‘Tis the season for getting lost in streams of obnoxious holiday shoppers and their overstimulated toddlers, being aurally assaulted with Christmas classics whenever you venture out into the world and blowing your budget on sensible sweaters your dad will probably end up returning, anyway. The holidays are great, guys! Ok but for real, the holidays are warm and fuzzy and all but they’re pretty overwhelming, too. By now, you probably just want to find ways to CHILL—which is precisely what Haiyti does in her latest video, “Halleluja”.

The video basically features four elements:

a) Haiyti dancing around in thigh-high boots and a saucy fur coat in front of a helicopter

b) Haiyti cruising around in said helicopter while calling up her buddies

3) Haiyti chilling hard in a hospital with one of her buddies (fellow trap artist Why SL Know Plug, who features on the track)

4) Haiyti wearing a leopard print bucket hat which we’d never be able to pull off, but now wish to own anyway

Why is Haiyti flying in a helicopter? How did Why SL Know Plug end up in the hospital? Where does the white VW van containing Haiyti, her crew and a wheelchair-ridden Why SL Know Plug speed off to at the end of the video? Much like the greatest mysteries in life, these are questions that haunt us, consume us and hit us at our cores, but in the greater scheme of things are probably left unanswered.

What we do know, however, is that the whole combination only makes the track’s bumpin’ trap beats sound bigger and badder. More importantly, this little combo also effectively communicates that Haiyti has zero fucks left to give. Which is great to see! Because during a month when all of us are giving waaaaay too many fucks about perfect turkey temperatures and that racist thing grandma said at the dinner table again, we really need to see someone setting a healthy example by just chilling.

So thank you, Haiyti. May your fur-wearing demeanour and affinity for helicopters inspire us all to just take a deep breath, listen to some banger trap music and relax.