Tuesday’s Tunes: Get Your Ears On Denyah

Denyah’s “pastel R&B” paradise will give you chills with her simple lo-fi beauty.

Along the lines of Solange, Raveena or lo-fi rapper queen Noname, up-and-coming “pastel R&B” artist Denyah is making music that feels like you’ve been wrapped in a warm sepia hug on a perfect late summer/autumn day. Just lean back and listen to the ethereal vibe from her lighthearted garden of tunes and let your worries drip away into a happy sea of tears. Her most recent release from earlier this year is a single called “Everything” that encapsulates the flowy essence of female energy, through the casually defiant lens of urban youth. The subtly sassy song, like most of her music, feels like blooming – in a nonchalant kind of way.

Dive headfirst into her airy yet substantial mix of lo-fi sounds, poetic lyricism and gently peach-pink vocals in this latest nostalgic release.


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