Tuesday’s Tunes: G.L.A.M. Has Got it Going On

This crazy talented West Coast rap goddess is bringing it to the next level and wants you to do the same.

G.L.A.M. is here and as usual, she has some transcendent tunes to bring all of the good vibes. Her latest official release called “Anyway” is a clear voyage through the bullshit of the world, paving a perfect path towards the highest level of dopeness. G.L.A.M. is already a decisive voice in the rap game; she has a pretty extensive back catalog of definite gems with insanely on-point lyricism and flow for days. Once you inevitably put this latest smash on a loop for too long, hop to her SoundCloud and try “LOL”, “Hoes” or “The Rain”. 

The message of the song is equally as tasty as the crisp production. The main narrative is one of perseverance through personal ascension. “Make your way, let it come to you, never stray; that’s what some do. Break your chains, let that sun through. Take all the stars and tell them what you want, then just manifest that.” Yesss.


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