Check out the latest steeze from Australian singer, songwriter and rapper Sampa the Great: a free-flowing, dynamic mini EP aptly titled Freedom. Her signature magic is present and accounted for in this release; starting off with the freshly finessed track, “Freedom“, and following up with pre-released singles “Final Form” and “OMG“, the groove is solidified with epic yet breezy Sampa the Great style. Beyond delivering straight-up neosoul Umami, the message behind the music is even greater, expressing pure pride in her own independent bad girl glow.

All in all, Sampa’s creations are always an exciting mishmash of old and new, where heritage and culture collide to celebrate the nuances of black lives as well as timeless badassery. Tune in, join the tribe and get ready to breathe new life into whatever it is that makes you feel hashtag blessed.