Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Feel The Way I Want’ by Caroline Rose

Take a dip into the latest from NYC-native Caroline Rose, a smooth and sunny single here to remind you to fall in love with your damn self.

Feast your ears on the latest from groovy AF, NY-based artist, Caroline Rose; her latest single is a playfully punchy yet butter-smooth take on the blissful feeling of truly inhabiting your own vibe, 100%. Picking up on the inherently nonchalant nostalgia in previous work – from decidedly folk/Americana debut in 2014, I Will Not Be Afraid, to 2018’s tasty LONER, Caroline Rose feels through a wide range of emotions with unstoppable flow. This latest release relaxes into fresh yet familiar territory, expanding with sprawling synths and lounging melodies, all the while propelled by Caroline Rose’s straight-forward lyricism.

“Feel The Way I Want” is the first single release in anticipation of her forthcoming album, Superstar, due this coming March, harkening an upbeat future for the already heavily soul-satisfying direction of this poignant artist. Make sure to catch the accompanying self-directed music video, a goofy personality-vid that captures the essence of her unapologetically independent spirit in true form. The video is filmed on an iPhone 11 by Kayhl Cooper, hitting up many locations across America in a whirlwind of steeze.

Regarding the production as a whole, Caroline mentioned via Facebook, “When I came up with the idea for this video I had one criterion, which was to have as much fun as possible and keep it simple so as to avoid the common stressors associated with making videos.” True that – let go of your stress for the day and sashay away into this paradise land where everything is AOK.


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