Tuesday’s Tunes: Elli Ingram’s “Love You Really” Is Epic R&B Goodness

Bask in the raw, unadulterated awesomeness that is this Brighton-born artist’s bodacious debut album.

Turn your attention towards this unbridled beauty, whose release you may have missed in a flurry of fall releases last year: Love You Really, from Brighton-born jazzy R&B goddess Elli Ingram. This is an incredibly refined debut album from the 24 year-old pop / future soul savant and a tasty mix of R&B, jazz, gospel and classic hip hop influences. From start to finish, this album declares Elli Ingram a force to be reckoned with. She harnesses the best parts of as many living icons as you can imagine; from the unstoppable bluesy vocal talent reminiscent of early Adele, to the jazzy finesse of Corinne Bailey Rae, with the badass swagger of Rihanna and even a smattering of the progressive avant garde sensibilities of Solange, all with her own signature spin.

Track one off the eleven-piece EP, “Wild West”, makes a decisive entrance with a rebellious twist on the hip hop inspired, urban base-infused pop ballad. The album explodes into being with the urgent vitality of a creation that has been in the works for years–which happens to actually be the case with this particular project. Elli Ingram signed to Island Records in 2014 and has been working on getting this first full album released ever since. The mood and tenor of this grand entrance encompasses the character of Elli Ingram in one song: here is an unabashedly thinking and feeling human being, with a real vulnerable sensibility yet harnessing determination and creative energy for days.

The album flows seamlessly on to the second track, “Getaway”, which calms the bombastic vibe of the first track with the suave R&B energy we new she possessed since mini-album The Doghouse dropped in 2014, following her deal with Universal Music. The subtle sensuality of this song transitions flawlessly into “Sweet & Sour”, a track as deliciously palatable as it sounds. This song is perhaps the most rich and vibrantly flavorful track off the album, teaming with a healthy brass section, impeccably punchy jazz vocals and a jaunty yet fluid melody. Ingram performed this very song for the reputable COLORS Berlin on YouTube to utter perfection last week.

The rest of the album is just as well thought-out and resonant as these first three tracks and will take you through as many emotions as you can possibly feel this early in the week. Stream the entire thing on Spotify and keep your eyes and ears open for more from this timeless pop / R&B / future soul gem.


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