Tuesday’s Tunes: Dolapo’s ‘Skin’ Is Empowering Sexiness

South London honey Dolapo brings it with this three-minute wonder that’ll leave you basically breathless.

bad girl | England | gem

bad girl | England | gem

A fierce and formidable up-and-comer on the scene, London-based babe Dolapo is back at it with “Skin“. Her vibe thus far has been about bringing Afrobeats to the forefront, like in the track “Down“, or embodying the straight-up SZA R&B pop sensibility with “Blink Of An Eye“. In any case, her signature seems to be insistent basslines and bouncy world-inspired rhythms which accompany her crisp vocals. This latest single is a taste of these influences with a lens that’s looking towards soulful pop queendom.

Her name, “Dolapo”, means “royalty and wealth flowing together in a person” in Yoruba, a nod to her Nigerian roots. Need we say more? Her whole persona is empowering in her own way. As she puts it:

“Empowering women, especially black women, is so important to me. That they can do exactly what they need to do and want to do. When I’m in studio, I’m helping with the production, or I’m writing my own songs, or when it comes to the video ideas, I have a lot of input. I want more girls, especially in this industry where we hardly see females taking over. To not be afraid to show that you can step onto Logic and control the whole session. Not always having to dim your shine to make other people feel comfortable.”

Keep an eye out for a forthcoming EP in 2019 from this gem.

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