Tuesday’s Tunes: Cleo Sol’s “Winter Songs” Are Organic Summer Grooves

The four piece EP will have you feeling like cruising coolly to Cabo in a convertible in the 1960s.

Badass 25-year-old London songstress Cleo Sol has declared her striking presence on the neo-soul scene succinctly and luxuriously with her multifaceted debut EP Winter Songs. The album as a whole floats generously over a wide span of melodic and rhythmic combinations which are as dynamic as they are organic and compelling.

It’s safe to say Cleo Sol is treading her own path through the new R&B landscape, pushing boundaries with non-traditional instrumentation and bare-boned rhythms, all guided by her flawless vocals. There are moments where you will hear the sensuous drawl of a rich string section and wonder whether you’ve wandered into an episode of Mad Men, and other moments when you will swear you’re listening to the swaying swan song of a modern-day lost generation.

In just four tracks, Cleo Sol has created a cohesive collection of honest and moving songs, which deny the conventions of genre and conjure the most complex yet organic energy. Watch Cleo Sol slay the opening track “Why Don’t You” for Berlin COLORS:

Winter Songs is the first instillation of a four-part EP series, recorded over several years. Cleo said of the project: “This is my first piece of art I’ve released with full intention to open my heart to those who want [to] listen, and I’m excited more than anything to share […] The process has taken nearly five years, but I have chosen not to rush my art and I can say this is one hundred percent me.” Clearly her patience with this work paid off. Stay tuned for more from this gem, hopefully soon.


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